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Arnica is a small yellow flower that grows wild in mountain environments. It has been used for centuries to treat bruising and swelling of soft tissue caused by a variety of traumas. Arnica is known to increase blood circulation by stimulating white blood cell activity which can reduce inflammation as well as recovery time. The use of Arnica is becoming more common for pre and post operative care of facial procedures. Arnica can reduce discomfort for individuals, both short term and long term, if administered in a timely fashion.1

Topical arnica salves provide relief for bruises, swelling, hematomas, soreness and pain. Topical arnica salves should not be used on open wounds or broken skin. Arnica is toxic to the liver and should not be ingested. The strongest positive Arnica research has shown topical skin application is most effective for swelling and bruising after surgery or injury, away from open wounds and broken skin. At this time only topical use of Arnica on non-broken skin is recommended.2

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