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Soothe Overworked Muscles

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I harvest this arnica with care each spring and within hours I steep it in almond oil to ensure the freshest product available. In addition to the arnica and almond oil, I add only natural ingredients: bees wax, menthol and camphor. Because I am mindful and conservative in harvesting, I select only the best plants each season. Small batch and short-run production means that supply is limited, but I know that every jar of salve I sell is the best product available.

At first, I started wildcrafting my arnica salve to help my family and friends. Soon the word got out about the incredible relief people were getting from using it on their everyday aches and pains. I decided to make a little more while being mindful of making sure the plant continues to thrive. I care very deeply about helping and healing others. My arnica is made from the freshest ingredients available along with my PASSION and LOVE. Thanks for trying it and feel better!

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